The Experience

Dedicated to sharing the beauty of California wines, Paris Valley Road represents wines grown primarily on the southern Monterey Coast, just 35 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Planted on the highest peak of chalky soils, both the French and European vines planted here produce fruit that results in wines with intensity and unique minerality.

Paris Valley Road

Paris Valley Road is a very real place, a stretch of dirt road that meanders along the scenic foothills of the California Central Coast. Our Estate Chalk Knoll Vineyard is nestled against this road, a site rich with history dating back to the 1800’s and complete with a turn of the 19th century adobe, still standing today.

The Proprietors

In the mid 1990’s, the Stoller family partnered with Dana Merrill of Mesa Vineyard to plant Chalk Knoll Vineyard. Today, Craig and Nancy Stoller of the The Stoller Collection, home to Paris Valley Road Wines, have a rich history on the Central Coast and a background in vine growing. They are dedicated to showcasing the winegrowing potential that the Central Coast has to offer.

Chalk Knoll Vineyard

The favorable terroir of our estate vineyard provides the ideal location for growing aromatic and complex fruit. The soil features Lockwood Loam and Santa Lucia Clay-Loam, which imparts the signature minerality to the berries. These geographical and climatic conditions lead to a long growing season which allows the fruit to develop an abundant flavor profile consistently from year to year.